Saturday, September 12, 2009

L.O.S.T !!

Dear Budak Baik,
I'm totally lost of my own future.. Thinking how's my future is going to be.. Hm.. Sometimes, its just a headache to think of such stuff.. It's true, He has determined every single thing for us, but we do need to plan and work for it rite?
Here i am rite now.. Yeah, I'm happy with the surrounding.. with the people around me.. They're happenning and full of laughter.. I'm happy to be here, when they are here..
But sometimes, this thing appears in my miserable mind..
I wish I could tell everyone about it.. But I can't..
I love something challenging and something new.. But I wish to be at home early..
I always wish so, but i couldn't do so..
I was raised with the condition where she will always there for me.. Just back from school, and had 1001 stories and problems to share with.. I just couldn'n imagine how would she feel, finding her mom is not there for her.. I'm afraid they would end up like ?#.+&*... I don't want them to be the abandoned ones...
But I believe, He has determined the very best for me.. My destiny.. InsyaAllah..

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